Season 1

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Ep. 1 Batman V Spider-Man
Batman’s technical prowess is put to the test against a Spider-man’s Spider Sense.


Ep. 2 Dean Winchester V John Constantine
In this supernatural showdown, will Dean’s demon blood prove to be too much for the wily magician Constantine, or will he have something up his sleeve?


Ep. 3 Daredevil V Green Lantern
Can Light be a solid? Can you hear microscopic quantum pulses? Can the Power Ring run out of juice? These are all questions answered in this episode.


Ep. 4 Optimus Prime V Voltron
Can the smaller yet smarter, and more experienced, Optimus outmaneuver the younger, but larger, Voltron team?


Ep. 5 Poison Ivy V Supergirl
Can Supergirl resist what her cousin could not, and can Poison Ivy’s control over nature compete with Kara’s ability to scorch it?


Ep. 6 Dumbledore V Gandalf
The ultimate wizards duel! Can the book smart magical proficiency of Dumbledore out gun the battlefield expertise of Gandalf?


Ep. 7 Hulk V Doomsday
When two of the world’s most indestructible goliaths collide, who will be left standing?


Ep. 8 Gremlins V Ghoulies
80’s throwback! Can the Ghoulies utilize their demonic powers to eliminate the Mogui before they reach superior numbers?


Ep. 9 Flash V Nightcrawler
This is the Uncertainty Principle incarnate! Which is easier, determining the speed or the exact location of an object?


Ep. 10 Sesame St. V Muppets
The Henson Classic: Can the frenetic energy of the Muppet Show be contained and focused enough to withstand the onslaught of B. Bird, Oscar the Grouch, and the twin powers Ernie & Bert?


EP. 11 Donatello V Cheetara
The Bo battle of the century! Will Cheetara’s speed, or Donatello’s half-shell take the day?


Ep. 12 She-Ra V Wonder Woman
This is more akin to a Battle Royale as Princess Diana takes on The Princess of Power.


Ep. 13 Punisher V Silent Hill
This is all out psychological warfare. Can the fabric of Punisher’s mind hold up against the probing, demonic powers of Silent Hill?